Gerald Campbell was born in Branch, St. Mary's Bay. He has been living in Branch most his life, where he learned many songs from his parents, and then heard them again at garden parties, and during the Christmas season, when there were parties every night at almost every house in the community. In his younger days he went away to work for the railroad. Gerald favours songs with a story. Despite that some of them are fairly long, he never wrote them down, but he listened carefully to learn them, especially when they were carried on a nice tune. Gerald was invited to the Mariposa Folk Festival twice. He went along with Mary and Anthony Power, Pat and Joe Byrne, and the Wareham Brothers. There he also met fellow Newfoundlander Rufus Guinchard, who prompted him to sing The Sweet Forget Me Not, a song Gerald knew from his mother’s singing since he was young. It remains one of his favourites. The song has been recorded by Eddie Coffee and many others, among them famed Irish singer Dolores Keane, who learned it from a recording made by Irish Journalist Aidan O'Hara from Gerald Campbell's singing of the song.