Sara Tilley’s work bridges writing, theatre, and Pochinko Clown Through Mask technique. Trained through the BFA Acting Program at York University, Sara founded an independent feminist theatre company, She Said Yes!, in 2002, which produced many of the eleven plays which she’s written, co-written or co-created. She has published two novels: Skin Room (Pedlar Press, 2008), and DUKE, (Pedlar Press, 2015), which was recently chosen as the winner of the 2015 BMO Winterset Award and the NL Heritage and History Book Award for Fiction, and was shortlisted for the Newfoundland and Labrador Book Award for Fiction. It is currently long-listed for the Dublin International Literary Prize. In 2017, Skin Room was translated into French with Quebec publisher Marchand des feuilles. Sara’s wide spectrum of work includes time spent as an actor, a writer, a designer (of puppets, masks, props, and sometimes sets and costumes), a director, a puppeteer, a dramaturg and a clown teacher/performer. She is fascinated by the ways in which all of these creative practices overlap and feed each other, and has never, ever been bored.