Christian Howse is a young artist from central Newfoundland. Having performed on a small scale for the last two years, Christian has played at The Citadel House, Shaun Majumder’s The Gathering, and others. Growing up listening to a wide range of music, he is a multi-instrumentalist, playing instruments including banjo, accordion, mandolin, clarinet, and guitar. Influenced by the technical guitar work of Jon Gomm, and the raw, honest lyricism of artists such as Against Me!, and the late Erik Petersen, Christian brings a powerful performance to the stage. Drawing from the genres of punk, folk, and math-rock, he has developed a unique brand of percussive finger style guitar. After signing a multi-year recording deal with The Citadel House, Christian released his debut EP Cardiac. With a passion for storytelling, and a love for telling it how it is, he illustrates a very raw and real depiction of the greatest fears, darkest feelings, and most beautiful revelations that we all come to feel, to some extent, throughout our lives.