Ex Pirata International Company (EPIC Trio) consists of Carole Bestvater and Liz Massi on fiddles, and Lucas Thebaut on accordions. The EPIC Trio came to be in the middle of winter in Brandon, Manitoba. Carole and Liz were university students when Lucas came on an exchange from France with his university choir. They played together for countless hours and hosted dance workshops during Lucas’ stay. The trio has brought their music to many places during their previous two tours. They toured folk festivals in France and Portugal in 2008, and completed a Pacific Northwest tour in 2010. Each musician comes with different musical background, but all with the same love and joy of sharing folk music with each other and their audiences. The EPIC Trio is known for their creative arrangements and high-energy performances. With an array of original compositions sprinkled in the mix of a wide variety of tunes from France and Canada, they keep toes tapping and hands clapping in any setting you find them in.